Each year, following data collection, GEM publishes around 20 of its APS indicators and 13 of its NES indicators for all participating economies, via its Global Report and its website. This is an excellent resource for those wishing to learn more about national and global entrepreneurship, and is made freely available to all.

However, access to full datasets, which include all GEM indicators, and complete individual-level data for all APS and NES respondents, is restricted to members of GEM National Teams. The National Teams fund and conduct the data collection and are therefore granted a period of exclusive access. 

These full datasets are only made available to the public 3 years after data collection. In this way, GEM 2018 data will become available in February 2022.

National Teams own their national data, and are entitled to share it with anyone they choose. If you are a researcher interested in accessing data for a particular country, you may contact the relevant National Team and request access.