Global Entrepreneurship Monitor India National Report 2021-22

  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Category: National Reports
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 2023-01-30

The 2021-22 GEM Report completes its 23 years of measuring entrepreneurship-related activities. It measures entrepreneurship activities and ecosystem through surveys and interviews of various field experts, conducted by the teams in respective countries. The GEM survey generates a variety of relevant, primary information on different aspects of entrepreneurship and provides harmonised measures about individuals’ attributes and their activities in different phases of venturing (from nascent to start-up to established business and to discontinuation). The GEM Report 2021–2022 throws light on entrepreneurial trends and practices amidst changing business and the impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurial activities in the country. The GEM India study was conducted using a well-established GEM research methodology that is consistent across all participating countries, thus enabling cross-country comparison. The Adult Population Survey (APS) was conducted among 3252 samples and provides information regarding the level of entrepreneurial activity in the country based on the national framework conditions, whereas the National Expert Survey (NES) was conducted on 72 national experts with an average work experience of 10 years. The NES focuses on entrepreneurial start-up eco-system in India with regard to nine entrepreneurial framework conditions (EFCs).